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VDI working group plant tour




Herdecke, Germany


VDI working group plant tour


VDI working group pays visit to Dörken MKS

Further training at first hand: on 06 December 2017 the vehicle and transport engineering working group of the VDI Ruhr district association took a look at the latest corrosion protection technology of Dörken MKS at THE CORROSION COLLEGE in Herdecke.

Further training in focus

The Essen-based VDI working group focuses on the latest issues regarding drive and vehicle electronics for the car and truck sector. The objective is to inform VDI members, students of the district association and members of neighbouring associations of the latest developments in industry and science, in the form of presentations and excursions. Against this background, at the beginning of December a 15-strong team headed by working group leader Dr. Dipl.-Ing. Heinrich Hahn paid a visit to the headquarters of Dörken MKS in Herdecke to find out about the company and the range of goods and services it offers.

Micro-layer corrosion protection systems for diverse applications

Following an introduction with a brief presentation of the company, speaker Tobias Kleyer (Technology Manager Dörken MKS) focused on the latest corrosion protection technologies. What exactly is micro-layer corrosion protection? What coating solutions does Dörken MKS offer? How and in which areas are the technologies applied and what advantages do they deliver? The technology expert explained all of this in detail, as well as addressing the questions of the participants. In conclusion, the VDI working group was given a tour of the technology and test centres, acquiring a comprehensive insight into research and development. An exciting and intensive day that was visibly enjoyed by the VDI guests.

Die Mitglieder des VDI Arbeitskreises Fahrzeug- und Verkehrstechnik beim Besuch im „THE CORROSION COLLEGE“ in Herdecke.