Yield is a key factor for users, as yield enables the comparability of coating material costs. Yield indicates how much m² surface area can be coated with 1 kg of coating material. It is dependent on the following parameters: Solids content of the coating, layer thickness of the film and the dry film density [g/cm³] of the film.

Coat thickness in particular is of great significance, as many characteristics such as corrosion protection, chemical resistance and mechanical resistance are dependent on the thickness of the coat. If the protective effect is achieved with low coat thickness, this results in low material consumption and improved yield. Similarly, a lower dry film density has a positive effect on yield. Yield is calculated using the following formula:

Yield in m²/kg =      

In this calculation the transfer efficiency of the application method and application conditions in industrial processes are not taken into consideration. It is used for an approximate estimation of coating material costs.