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Active corrosion protection






Active corrosion protection


The combination of the KTL coating Delta-eLack® and a zinc flake coating lends high-performance corrosion protection to many of the components fitted to commercial vehicles. This serves to significantly extend the lifetime of valuable investments.

In the case of commercial vehicles many components are protected via KTL coatings or a combination of KTL and powder coating. The reasons for the favoured use of KTL coatings are on the one hand the good corrosion protection properties, but above all the high cost effectiveness of this technology. However, if a KTL surface is damaged down to the base metal, it soon comes up against the limits of its performance. The substrate will rapidly corrode, because the coating is unable to offer active corrosion protection. These signs of corrosion are often accepted - due also to the fact that the high material thickness should mean that the components are not initially inhibited in their function. However, premium manufacturers in particular are placing increasing emphasis on the long-term high-grade appearance and value retention of their products.

Under the core theme KTL 2.0, at the IAA Nutzfahrzeuge 2016 in Hanover Dörken MKS-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG, Herdecke, presented the tailored combination of the KTL coating Delta-eLack® and zinc flake technology, which lends the coating active corrosion protection. The capability of this system was illustrated on the fair stand by means of a trailer. This contained various components with different surfaces from the Dörken MKS portfolio, which had been subjected to the stone impact test and the corrosion protection test. The system comprising the KTL topcoat Delta-eLack® and the zinc flake coating Delta-Protekt® demonstrated the highest levels of corrosion resistance - including after mechanical stress - with peak values of 3,000 hours in salt spray testing (SST) as per DIN EN ISO 9227.

In addition, Delta-eLack® also offers all characteristics expected of a classic KTL coating. It lends the coated parts an aesthetically-pleasing deep black appearance with very thin and even coats. The top coat is also characterised by good wrap-around properties, delayed contact corrosion, high Kesternich resistance and good chemical resistance. Coatability with automobile and industrial paints is also ensured.

Dörken MKS is in demand as a corrosion expert for the majority of truck manufacturers and is already listed in many specifications.