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Agritechnica: Great demand for high-performance corrosion protection






Agritechnica: Great demand for high-performance corrosion protection


Enduringly effective and component-appropriate corrosion protection is in higher demand than ever when it comes to agricultural equipment: this was the conclusion that could be drawn from the appearance of Dörken MKS at the leading global fair Agritechnica, held in Hanover in November 2019.

High chemical and mechanical strain on components

The CORROSION EXPERTS at Dörken MKS spent six days presenting their latest corrosion protection developments for components in agricultural equipment and machinery at the leading international show for the agricultural machinery sector. And with good reason: phosphate or nitrogen-based mineral fertilisers, slurry or dung are still commonly used in the cultivation of fields. Some of the substances in these fertilisers can promote corrosion of steel parts fitted to tractors, combine harvesters or harrows – regardless of whether these are large components, stamped and bent parts, screws, clips, brackets or springs. In addition to the chemical burden, daily use also brings high mechanical stress. Tobias Schmitz, Key Account Manager at Dörken MKS, explains: “As a result of the numerous influences on parts, optimal protection against corrosion is particularly important when it comes to retaining long-term functionality. At the fair we took the opportunity to inform OEMs and suppliers about our portfolio. And the response was considerable. Demand for reliable corrosion protection solutions is growing continuously.”

Zinc flake systems and other coating solutions

On the Dörken MKS stand various systems for effective surface protection could be seen – including high-performance zinc flake coatings. Consisting of a base coat and a special topcoat, these achieve long-lasting cathodic corrosion protection even with coats as thin as 8–20 μm and also secure functional properties such as resistance to aggressive cleaning agents or fertilisers. There was also a genuine new development in the field of zinc flake technology presented at the fair: coatings that harden at room temperature. These are applied in a spray process and are particularly well-suited for parts and components that are too large, too bulky or too temperature sensitive for the standard drying process.

Individual tailoring of coating to areas of use

Tobias Schmitz: “With agricultural equipment in particular it is frequently apparent that multi-layer systems comprising a zinc flake base coat and a corresponding organic top coat achieve the best results when it comes to corrosion protection and media resistance. However, in this situation it is important to have a solution tailored exactly to the specific component – and that is what we offer our customers at Dörken MKS.”