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Approval for BMW specifications granted!






Approval for BMW specifications granted!


Following intensive research work and comprehensive testing by the corrosion experts at Dörken, the DELTA-PROTEKT® KL 120 zinc flake system was officially included in BMW group standard GS 90010 in March 2021.

Maximum requirements

BMW specification GS 90010 defines corrosion protection for automobile screwed fasteners used on the exterior of vehicles, on the underside and in the engine compartment. Accordingly, the surface coating needs to have a high level of resistance to temperatures and corrosion. Specifically, this means that the coated parts have a red rust resistance of 720h according to DIN EN ISO 9227 and withstand temperatures of up to 180 °C for 96 hours. In addition, the coating must be min. 8 µm thin.

High-performance zinc flake basecoat satisfies requirements

Following extensive testing, DELTA-PROTEKT® KL 120 was ultimately included in GS 90010 and given approval for the ZNS3 surface finish. The zinc flake basecoat satisfies all of the requirements set. In addition, no hydrogen is generated in the coating process and there is therefore no risk of hydrogen-induced stress corrosion cracking. This means that the zinc flake coating is suitable for the required high-tensile steels of classes 10.9 and 12.9 with 1,000 MPa and more. Thanks to the low coat thickness, the basecoat is also suitable for parts that require maximum fit, such as screwed fasteners.

The DELTA-PROTEKT® KL 120 zinc flake basecoat is a perfect combination of appearance and functionality.