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Corrosion protection in the maritime sector






Corrosion protection in the maritime sector


Corrosion protection is a key issue in the economical and safe construction and operation of long-lasting components in maritime environments. In the search for the right protection strategy close co-operation and the regular exchange of experience between industry and user is essential for planning, construction, maintenance and in the event of damage.

One key forum for this is the "Corrosion protection in the maritime sector conference". This is held annually by the GfKORR Society for Corrosion Protection in co-operation with the STG German Society for Maritime Technology and the HTG German Port Technology, this year saw it take place in Hamburg on 25 and 26 January.

The event included the presentation of papers on long-term behaviour of corrosion protection measures and the options and mechanisms of corrosion protection with thermally-sprayed coatings of zinc and zinc aluminium alloys. In this context Dennis Mulalic, Global Sales Industry Sales Manager Dörken MKS-Systeme, presented a widely-observed paper on the subject of "New coating solutions for use in the maritime sector", with practical examples for users. In this he reported on high-performance corrosion protection with zinc flake systems for components in offshore wind energy units.