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Culture and technology in tandem






Culture and technology in tandem


The Bochum District Association's senior citizens group of the German Engineers' Society are a spry bunch. Every month they take a trip to look around a technical facility, followed by a bit of culture, as the engineers' partners also attend.

Awaiting them at Dörken on 4th October 2016 was a unique 2-in1 programme: culture and technology in tandem. While the ladies, expertly guided by Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Ullrich, lecturer at the Münster Academy of Art, visited the new exhibition in the Dr. Carl Dörken Gallery, the engineering freaks were allowed to indulge their passion. They visited Dörken MKS's the corrosion Experts pilot and test facilities and gained a thorough insight into the subject of microlayer corrosion protection. As most of them would never have associated such a highly technical subject with Dörken, they all went home in the end fairly impressed.