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Declaring war on germs






Declaring war on germs


On 1 September, a new microbiological laboratory entered into service at Dörken. As part of hygiene management, samples are regularly analysed here to ensure the quality of products, materials and production environments.

As a manufacturer of paints and varnishes, the issue of hygiene management in production is a very important one. All stages are investigated, from the development of a product to the procurement of raw materials and on to the production and application stages. This relevance has increased further with the growing number of water-based paints and varnishes. Because: where there is water, there is also life – and therefore germs. A new microbiological laboratory has now been established as part of Analytical Services, to conduct detailed analysis into these aspects.

Samples are regularly analysed and evaluated in the lab with the aid of state-of-the-art machines.

Informative analysis

Ramona Lux, Biological-Technical Assistant, conducts this analysis in the new microbiology lab. In the lab product, material, water and monitoring samples are checked for their microbiological content. Possible, potentially critical contamination sources are sampled and investigated thoroughly. With the aid of these findings, it is then possible to develop special cleaning and disinfecting measures. “Overall, the lab gives us the opportunity to analyse our products, materials and the production environment quickly and regularly on site, and to process the findings promptly,” says Ramona Lux.

Official inauguration of the new microbiological laboratory on 27 October: [left to right] Dr. Marcel Roth (Head of R&D), Dr. Jens Pudewills (Team Leader Analytic Services), Ramona Lux (Biological-Technical Assistant), Dr. Gerhard Reusmann (CTO/COO) and Torsten Zimny (Hygiene Manager)

Hygiene management at Dörken

In addition to analysis in the laboratory, further hygiene measures are also carried out at Dörken. “Ms Lux regularly conducts hygiene training with the employees,” explains Torsten Zimny, Hygiene Manager at Dörken. “Ultimately, people also obviously transfer germs. In addition, we have already installed a new process water system for our paste production hall.” These measures serve to promote the CIP - continuous improvement process - and significantly enhance corporate hygiene.

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