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Deutsche Bahn and Dörken – a strong team






Deutsche Bahn and Dörken – a strong team


Bridges are exposed to extreme weathering and enormous stresses. This makes effective corrosion protection all the more important. Together with the bridge building company of Deutsche Bahn, in a new video Dörken shows how this works.

Dörken applies its nearly 130 years of expertise to develop and produce micro-corrosion protection systems for diverse components: for small, modest elements such as screws or functional components, but also larger components, such as bridges. “We are convinced that the solution is best developed at the site where it is to be used, in co-operation with the customer. And this is why we have come to Dresden, to work with the bridge building company of Deutsche Bahn,” explains Tobias Kleyer, Technology & Networks, Dörken.

The Dresden bridge workshop has been developing and producing medium-sized steel structures for German railways since 1927. Steel and reinforced concrete bridges are exposed to extreme stresses such as varying weather conditions and enormous loads, which means they require long-lasting and effective corrosion protection. “Naturally, we are always interested in innovations for Deutsche Bahn. This is why we decided to collaborate with Dörken,” says Ivo Lehmann, in charge of construction management at the bridge workshop of DB Bahnbau Gruppe GmbH. “We hope to acquire innovation for Deutsche Bahn with the zinc flake coating from Dörken. The plan is to use this on auxiliary constructions, for maintenance and the rapid rectification of collision damage.”

Rethinking coatings

As test piece, the experts from Herdecke divided a bridge support from the bridge building company of Deutsche Bahn into three test zones: two zones were coated with two different Dörken corrosion protection systems, whilst the third zone was left uncoated in its original state. This enables them to analyse the different corrosion behaviour of the three zones and work with the partners at Deutsche Bahn to select the most effective solution. Following this, the plan is to coat an entire temporary bridge of Deutsche Bahn with the system. “Our goal is to save on process stages, shorten working times and generally render the use of raw materials more sustainable and efficient,” says Kleyer.

Sharing expertise

As a participant in the 6th VDEI-Sanierungstag conference, Dörken was able to share its expertise at a specialist congress in November 2020. Each year, the VDEI uses this format to address the renovation of engineering structures, as their preservation and renovation generally makes more economic sense than a new build. In addition to highly technical specialist papers, companies can also present their know-how and demonstrate further solutions for forthcoming renovation problems in the railway network and for highways administration.

Last year saw the conference held online due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, this did not reduce the number of participants. A total of 80 people followed the exhibitors, who were given timeslots in which to present themselves. Alongside a presentation on the basics of corrosion protection and zinc flake technology, Dörken also had the opportunity to present the video of the collaboration with Deutsche Bahn.

Curious? Then take a look at the video: