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Dörken Days China: Latest market trends and coating technologies






Dörken Days China: Latest market trends and coating technologies


This is the fourth time that we held Dörken Days China event in Shanghai. In spite of the limitations arising from the corona pandemic, over 130 decision makers from OEMs, tiers and coaters were on site to learn the details of the latest technology in the whole supply chain.

In Mr Andrej von Hofman’s welcoming speech, he addressed the unprecedented challenges as a consequence of the corona pandemic, China market development and Dörken reorganization- “ Dörken Shanghai will combine with Dörken MKS and Lucite product in near future. For brand Lucite, it will be the best in class functional painting.” That means we extend our business area in construction industry.

Technical Day - Hit the hot topics in the industry chain

This activity not only analyzed the development and latest trends of Dörken market under the epidemic situation, but also studied the emerging coating process trend. Specifically how to save the coating cost for the chassis parts, automobile guest - Kyle Wang who is in charge of the vehicle anti-corrosion from Nio ( China local OEMs in electric vehicle) explained in detail the application and principle of anti-corrosion technology in the whole supply chain. Dörken room temperature self-drying products: DELTA-PROTEKT® KL 170 RT. This applied in a spraying process and cures at 20-25°C(room temperature) within approximately 60 minutes. VDA Guest Zhang Lin Lecture: introduction of Sino German intelligent network automobile cooperation

Jovial “Oktoberfest”

German Beer Festival dinner to promote cooperation

The participants tasted fresh beer and Sausage Bread, during which the band dressed in national costume shuttled through the crowd, skillfully playing relaxed and happy music. In a relaxed and entertaining atmosphere, customers not only obtain comprehensive industry information, but also communicate face-to-face with customers in the whole supply chain to reach friendly cooperation.

Dörken spread -- Success of live broadcast of pictures

With the advent of 5G, the future of things that happen in parallel everywhere can be perceived by users through split screen + live broadcast, which is not only the future world, but also the direction of media development.

According to statistics, the number of hits of the live photo album on that day was 1280 visitors. By publishing QR codes alone, about 15% of visitors attracted to share and spread the event. Although the event held in Shanghai, the number of people watching almost covered eastern China. That makes our Dörken brand splashed in more widely awareness.

We are willing to become the key for you to create contacts with the upstream and downstream of the industry, providing opportunities for cooperation and negotiation for the integration of supply chain of OEMs, parts producers, job coaters and equipment factories. We are here and at your service to make progress together.

The team at Dörken China was able to welcome more than 130 participants to this year’s Dörken Days China.