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Dörken MKS at the BAU Munich for the first time




Munich, Germany


Dörken MKS at the BAU Munich for the first time


At the BAU Munich 2019 Dörken MKS-Systeme presented its high-performance coatings for components in the construction industry. / The fair stand also saw the presentation of “THE CORROSION COLLEGE“, which offers target group-oriented knowledge and project-oriented solutions on the subject of corrosion and corrosion protection.

The construction of buildings, bridges and facades brings together different materials: wood, iron, steel and many more. At the same time, building structures are exposed to extreme stress, such as fluctuating temperatures in summer and winter, rain and different ambient air conditions on the coast or in industrial environments. Therefore, it is all the more important that the constructions and the associated brackets and fasteners are safely protected. However, the constantly increasing demands of the construction industry, the heightened use of composite structures as well as the growing complexity of building constructions demand coating systems that offer enhanced performance and functionality.

Zinc flake systems ensure reliable corrosion protection for components such as façade holders.

Long-term and effective protection

Solid, proven protective coatings such as hot-dip galvanizing, powder coatings or thick film coatings are often no longer sufficient due to the new requirements. The high-performance zinc flake systems from Dörken MKS are especially well suited where steel is used with other substrates. These can be applied to components in very thin layers – a system comprising a basecoat and a topcoat is just 8–20μm thick. Alongside the assembly advantages from defined torque (without grease) and adjustable coefficients of friction and coat thickness, the systems also offer extremely high corrosion resistance. In addition, no hydrogen is generated in the coating process and there is therefore no risk of hydrogen-induced stress corrosion cracking. This means the zinc flake coatings are also suitable for high-tensile steel. The low curing temperature also avoids damaging the steel through excessive heat.

Comparison: Construction screws with yellow chromation (above) show red rust after 192 hours, screws with Dörken MKS coating (below) show no red rust even after 700 hours (salt spray test according to DIN EN ISO 9227).

Dörken MKS was granted general technical approval by the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt) – the German institute for building technology – for fasteners and components made of steel that are coated with Dörken MKS systems. The coatings even meet the highest corrosion resistance class, C5. Typical environments for this category are areas with almost constant condensation and outdoor coastal and offshore applications with high salt loads.

Learning with experts

“THE CORROSION COLLEGE” offers target group-specific knowledge communication and project-oriented solutions on the subject of corrosion and corrosion protection.

At the BAU Munich Dörken MKS also presented “THE CORROSION COLLEGE”. Under the motto “Learning with Experts”, laboratory personnel, plant operators, constructors and all those interested are offered know-how on the subjects of corrosion and corrosion protection as well as a forum for discussions or queries. Subjects range from a basic level up to expert instruction. Whether the focus is on different methods of application, coating options or application fields – the topics will be examined together and technical questions, changes or news discussed.

Those interested in “THE CORROSION COLLEGE” seminar program can click for further information on or click the link to send an enquiry directly to the company.




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