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Dörken MKS at the Fastener Fair






Dörken MKS at the Fastener Fair


In Stuttgart the company presented its full product portfolio in the field of zinc flake, electroplating and KTL. Coated parts that had been subjected to various test cycles were used to illustrate the corrosion protection properties of the individual coatings.
  At the Fastener Fair 2017 in Stuttgart Dörken MKS Systeme GmbH & Co. KG, Herdecke, presented its complete portfolio of products for the surface coating of screws and other fasteners, under the slogan "The Corrosion Experts". The spectrum ranged from zinc flake coating to KTL technology 2.0 and on to the Delta-Prozinc® galvanic protection system.
  To illustrate the performance capabilities of the individual systems coated parts that had been subjected to various test cycles were displayed on the stand. Screws protected by zinc flake systems not only proved their capability in the DIN EN ISO 9227 salt spray test, in which they displayed no white rust formation compared to galvanic coatings, even after 240 hours. The benefits of cathodic corrosion protection with zinc flake systems were particularly evident in screws subjected to cyclical tests
  such as the ACT I and II climatic extremes tests (Accelerated Corrosion Test) of Swedish vehicle manufacturer Volvo or the VW PV 1209 corrosion protection test. Despite their superb corrosion protection properties, zinc flake systems only have a total coat thickness of 8 to 12 µm on average and are therefore particularly well-suited to use in components requiring a maximum fit, such as screws with metric threads.
  The Delta-Prozinc® electroplating system performed well in comparison to yellow chromating, with corrosion resistance times of up to 720 hours in salt spray testing according to DIN EN ISO 9227, displaying comparable values to standard zinc nickel systems. The process-safe, highly-efficient system offers an overall package of pre-treatment products, zinc baths, passivation and top coats with no need for nickel and cobalt. Delta-Prozinc® also features superb fastening characteristics and can be adjusted to the respective coefficient of friction requirements via top coats with integrated lubricants.
  The KTL 2.0 system combines the organic top coat Delta-eLack® with its premium, deep-black appearance with the cathodic corrosion protection of zinc flake coating. Parts with this system structure offer highest corrosion resistance, with peak values of up to 2,000 hours in salt spray testing (SST) according to DIN EN ISO 9227. Special plant technology enables the material to also be applied to screws and other fasteners, as the application of Delta-eLack® in the drum enables the coating of small to medium-sized components as bulk goods. All surface coating systems from the portfolio of Dörken MKS-Systeme feature high performance and a global quality standard, assured through a worldwide network of 150 licensed coaters.
  Further information: Senada Buhl at Dörken MKS-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG, Wetterstraße 58, 58313 Herdecke, telephone 02330/63-937, e-mail: