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Dörken MKS extends network of coaters in Taiwan






Dörken MKS extends network of coaters in Taiwan


In recent months Dörken MKS has further extended its network of coaters in the key growth market of Taiwan, certifying new licensees.
Growth market for fasteners
Taiwan has become one of the most important markets worldwide for fasteners. The areas around the metropolises Kaohsiung and Tainan in particular are home to numerous capable and innovative suppliers to the automobile industry – in both the Tier-2 and, increasingly Tier-1 areas. From here, well-known car manufacturers (OEMs) throughout the world are supplied with parts and components – particularly in Europe, the US and China. Against the background of the rising demand for fasteners with high-quality surface protection, Dörken MKS has licensed multiple qualified coating companies in recent months. Onnen von Bredow, Head of Asia Pacific at Dörken MKS explains: "With these new partners we are significantly expanding our network and capacity in Taiwan. The co-operation with selected, capable licensees secures a consistently high standard of quality for our customers."
The new Dörken MKS licensees in Taiwan:
HEWI Fasteners Asia: specialist for bolt fasteners with the latest WMV process technology, already a long-term user in Germany.
YING MING: in-house coater and Ford supplier with
 Q1 certification for over 10 years.
JINN HER: in-house coater with a focus on the non-automotive market as well as on automobile subcontractors.
SPRING PROFIT: one of the world's leading coating companies, a Dörken MKS service- applicator and service user for over 10 years.
YSL: Dörken MKS service user with two own local coating plants.
IRON FORCE: in-house coater specialising in the coating of
 aluminium tubes for TRW, the global market leader in replacement auto parts for the original equipment market.