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Dörken MKS visits Husum




Husum, Germany


Dörken MKS visits Husum


Dörken MKS presented its innovations and solutions for corrosion protection and sustainability at the Husum Wind 2019. In particular, the new room temperature-curing solutions open up new coating options for the wind industry.

The subject of renewable energies is more prominent than ever: not only are they a clean alternative to oil, coal or gas, the use of sun, wind, biomass, geothermal energy, water or tides means that it is also possible to avoid the emission of greenhouse gases and other pollutants – making them an almost inexhaustible and long-term solution. All the more reason, including as part of the debate regarding continued operation after the end of EU subsidies, to provide wind energy and solar units with long-term protection against corrosion.

Enduring functionality

With the aid of its high-performance zinc flake systems, Dörken MKS can contribute to the long-term functionality of components. The systems can be applied in very thin layers – a system comprising a basecoat and a topcoat is just 8–20 µm thick – to both bulk products and large components. In addition, no hydrogen is generated in the coating process and there is therefore no risk of application-related hydrogen-induced stress corrosion cracking. This means the zinc flake coatings are also suitable for high-tensile steel. The low curing temperature also avoids damaging the steel through excessive heat. The zinc flake systems from Dörken MKS therefore not only offer high cathodic corrosion protection and preserve component functionality, they also satisfy the conditions and increasing quality requirements of the manufacturers. The choice of coating system and application technique depend on the component. As a result, visitors to the Husum Wind 2019 could also learn about use of the new innovative room temperature-curing zinc flake products from Dörken MKS, which are especially well suited to components that are too large, bulky or temperature sensitive for standard drying processes. This opens up new coating opportunities for the wind industry in particular.

Conveying of knowledge through expertise

The Husum Wind 2019 also saw the presentation of the new seminar programme of the CORROSION COLLEGE. Under the motto “Learning with Experts”, the corrosion experts of Dörken MKS impart target group-specific knowledge and project-oriented solutions on the subjects of corrosion and corrosion protection. The new 2-2019 seminar programme comprises subjects ranging from factors influencing the corrosion of components to different coating procedures and the inspection and testing of coated components and on to detailed coating processes.

Those interested in “THE CORROSION COLLEGE” seminar programme can click here for further information. There you can also book the seminars.

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