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Dörken MKS wins "Top Job" employer award






Dörken MKS wins "Top Job" employer award


At the award ceremony for the prestigious "Top Job" employer competition in Berlin on 17 February 2017 the managers of Dörken MKS-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG (Herdecke) had every reason to be pleased. The company received a distinction from former German Federal Minister of Economics and Technology and competition mentor Wolfgang Clement as one of the best employers amongst German Mittelstand companies.

Employee survey confirms high level of job satisfaction

The "Top Job" award issued by the Zentrum für Arbeitgeberattraktivität zeag GmbH is presented to companies who have made a particular contribution to a healthy and performance-boosting workplace culture. It is precisely in this area that Dörken MKS – European market leader for micro-layer corrosion protection systems and part of the globally-active Dörken Group – has worked consistently and successfully for many years. This was also indicated in the scientifically-conducted "Top Job" survey of Dörken MKS employees, which formed the basis for the award. The company achieved very good results for job satisfaction in particular – which the jury of experts acknowledged.

Specialist training with individual leeway

With clear guidelines, a well-developed culture of trust and fair co-operation Dörken MKS delivers the basis for strong employee identification with the company and the high motivation and performance of the entire team. "We support our employees wherever necessary. This also includes our key principle of promoting and aiding performance. Each individual is trained to be an expert in his or her field," explains Managing Director Dr. Gerhard Reusmann. In pursuit of this claim the company offers its employees individual opportunities to develop in numerous areas. This includes communication training and English courses as well as change management and conflict management seminars, attractive incentives and health programmes. Flexible working hours models also play a key role – for example, part-time models are also offered, depending on field of tasks, team structure and individual family conditions.

An attractive employer – today and in the future

Managing Director Dr. Martin Welp explains: "For those who enjoy delivering great performance in a great atmosphere, Dörken MKS is just the place. At our company employees find flat hierarchies and creative scope that can be used independently. The Top Job award shows us that this strategy is just right for us."

About Dörken MKS

Dr. Carl Dörken and Ewald Dörken, pioneers in the field of lacquers and rust protection coatings, established their own company in 1892 – 125 years ago. Today, Ewald Dörken AG is a holding company with 1,000 employees and four independently-operating business units, including Dörken MKS-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG. The corrosion protection experts are the European market leaders for micro-layer corrosion protection systems.