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DÖRKEN on the move: Presentations on the subject of corrosion testing





DÖRKEN on the move: Presentations on the subject of corrosion testing


The coating systems from DÖRKEN protect numerous small and large components in our daily life, in the process of which they are required to withstand the toughest conditions. For this reason, all solutions are tested thoroughly beforehand. This takes the form of short-term tests in particular, such as in the salt spray chamber. On the other hand, long-term testing such as outdoor weathering tests are carried out. Florian Feldmann, Product Engineer at DÖRKEN, has dedicated himself to these.

In September, this saw him participate in two events, where he spoke on the subject of corrosion testing.

The first event was the FINO conference in Kiel on 22/09/21. Here Florian Feldmann reported on the outdoor weathering tests conducted on the FINO2 platform. Since 2013 various coated components have been exposed in the middle of the Baltic Sea, where their resistance to the extreme conditions that prevail is examined. Other papers at the conference focused on complex scientific fields such as wind conditions, bird migration and water surface temperature.

One day later, Feldmann headed to the ZVO Surface Days. As at the FINO conference, this event took place in hybrid form with a total of 350 participants. His presentation, entitled “Evolution of Corrosion Testing”, was delivered at the beginning of the event. The contents are to be published in a future issue of the ZVOreport, the official journal of the ZVO. Over the course of the next two days a total of around 50 papers on the subject of electroplating and surface coating technology provided interesting insights into the sector.

“It is nice to be able to be physically present at events again,” summarises Florian Feldmann. “There is no replacement for direct contact with others. I was also able to interact with many colleagues from the sector on issues that are important to us at DÖRKEN.”