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Dörken reorganises Paints and Varnish divisions






Dörken reorganises Paints and Varnish divisions


Due to the ongoing, dynamic growth in the Paints and Varnish / Surfaces divisions, the DörkenGroup (Herdecke) is planning to arrange the three subsidiaries, PROTEC© Systempasten, CD-COLOR Baufarben and Dörken MKS-Systeme, in a uniform way under one overarching umbrella. At the same time the tradition-steeped family business intends to introduce agile working processes and is constructing a new office building based on the principles of ‘New Work’ at its Herdecke site. 

Uniform organisation of the Paints and Varnish divisions

For 127 years Dörken has been developing and producing high-quality products for all sorts of different sectors and areas of industrial application. With the mission statement “Dörken protects values”, the international SME business has grown over the decades into a global player with around 1,000 employees worldwide. In the course of the comprehensive restructuring, the three divisions working in the area of surface technology, i.e. Paste Systems, Construction Paints and Micro-layer Corrosion Protection Systems, are now to be uniformly organised and developed into a new organisational unit that satisfies market requirements. Ahead of this there was an extensive organisational change process with significant involvement from all employees. 

Dynamic growth and changed market and customer requirements 

Dörken-director Thorsten Koch explains more: “We find ourselves in economically, politically and socially challenging times. Global markets, customers and partners are showing a great willingness to change, to which we want to react in good time.”
The planned uniform organisation of Dörken subsidiaries PROTEC©, CD-COLOR and MKS and the intended introduction of agile organisational and working structures will result in numerous advantages for the company’s customers and employees. This was also underlined by Dr. Martin Welp, CEO of Dörken MKS, who is responsible for the planned changes within the Dörken Group: “In order to be successful and competitive in the future we want to move away from the traditional silo thinking and rigid hierarchies. In place of that we want to base what we do on joined-up working.” Be it research & development, application technology, sales or project management: Dörken is planning to work in future with interdisciplinary teams of experts, which are constituted anew for each client project, take an iterative approach and are thus able to take decisions much more quickly. At the same time numerous business processes are currently being digitalised or being structured more efficiently with the help of digital tools. “The planned reorganisation is intended to create an overarching, interaction-oriented knowledge platform for all sectors and areas of surface technology application,” says Dr. Martin Welp in summary. 

The new office building has been planned totally along ‘New Work’ lines and from this summer will provide over 100 Dörken employees with a workplace fit for the future. 


New office building for the working world of tomorrow 

In order to measure up to the company’s growth and new structure, Dörken is currently constructing a new office building for employees at the main site in Herdecke. From the outside the building looks transparent, bright and inviting. And the interior architecture too, with open working lounges, modern offices and functional meeting rooms, is designed - very much in line with the ‘New Work’ philosophy - to provide a pleasant working atmosphere and to encourage lively communication. Also part of the complex, the company restaurant offers staff every opportunity to maintain a healthy, balanced diet. Completion of the new building is planned for early summer. 

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