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Duo at the Fastener Fair India




New Dehli


Duo at the Fastener Fair India


On 19 and 20 May 2016 Dörken MKS-Systeme and its coating partner Nihonparker India were present on a communal stand at the Fastener Fair India. This year saw the Indian version of the international trade fair series for fastener technology move from Mumbai to New Delhi. This reflects the growing significance of the trade fair on the Indian subcontinent, where the New Delhi region is one of the largest economic areas.

The concerted appearance of coating manufacturer and coater attracted significant attention to the fair presentation, whilst also multiplying the number of potential business partners. As a result, the communal stand saw many interesting trade discussions and great interest in surface coatings from Dörken MKS. One particular magnet for visitors was the large, mobile wall with bolts and screws, which impressively documented the performance of the various coating systems. An all-round success in an up-and-coming growth market!