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Easy riding with Dörken MKS






Easy riding with Dörken MKS


The Italian motorcycle brand Ducati has offered perfection in biking since 1926.

Founded in Bologna, over the course of the decades Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A. – the official name of the firm – has made a name for itself in racing in particular, winning numerous titles. Today the brand is owned by Audi AG and delights motorcycle fans worldwide with timeless, slim design, state-of-the-art technology and high-quality workmanship down to the tiniest detail. A good example: the spring band clips used in the engine area– as of February 2017 these feature a high-performance surface coating from Dörken MKS.

A small component with a major function
What exactly is a spring band clip? Spring band clips are self-tightening fasteners that connect the numerous hoses and sockets in the engine compartment of a motorcycle – for example, they hold the radiator hoses together. Made from refined spring steel strip, they are highly flexible and adaptable. This enables spring band clips to maintain consistent gripping power even with alternating operating temperatures and compression ratios, preventing leaks and damage to the hose/socket connections.

Constant exposure to weathering influences means that corrosion protection is required.
As largely exposed components, spring band clips fitted to the engine block are continuously subjected to the weather - and moisture in particular. As a consequence, Ducati specifies effective corrosion resistance of 480 hours SST for the spring band clips it uses. In other words, the surface of the component must still display a functioning protective film after 480 hours of so-called salt spray testing. Another key requirement for the surface coating: it should be black. There is a good reason for this, as black spring band clips are fastened to other black components on the Ducati engine block. This enables an aesthetically-pleasing appearance to be achieved.

Delta-eLACK® proves to be the ideal solution
Following extensive testing and coating trials, it is apparent that the black Delta-eLACK® technology from Dörken MKS satisfies all requirements of Ducati. Since February 2017 the high-performance KTL top coat (cathodic dip coating) has been applied to the spring band clips in combination with classic zinc phosphating at the plant of the Dörken partner Metallveredelungswerk Sulz GmbH (Sulz). A special coating process delivers the required even, black finish – including inside the screw housing.

In summary, Dörken MKS surface coating know-how now travels with every Ducati.