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Effective corrosion protection for cavities and pipe interiors




Herdecke, Germany


Effective corrosion protection for cavities and pipe interiors


Thanks to a partial spray application, cavities and pipe interiors can be securely protected against corrosion with corrosion protection systems from Dörken MKS.

Drilled holes in large metal components or interiors of cylindrical steel elements such as the inside of pipes and threaded sleeves frequently present a challenge to coaters. How can these areas be protected against corrosion and coated with a protective layer? In many cases an inadequate layer is applied, as conventional application systems fail to reach these areas with coating material. This means that the required corrosion protection is not applied. However, Dörken MKS has a solution: zinc flake systems from Dörken MKS can be applied simply with the aid of a partial spray application. The coated areas fulfil all requirements of a zinc flake coating: cathodic corrosion protection, thin coat thickness (max. 8–20 µm), defined surface properties for secure adhesion of subsequently mounted bolts/fasteners.

How does it work? Take a look at it! We have created an example coating unit in our tech centre. A transparent plastic pipe is used to explain the function and illustrate how the product is applied.