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Electrical devices: safe from corrosion






Electrical devices: safe from corrosion


Together with an innovative steel producer, Dörken of Herdecke has developed a new anti-fingerprint coating that protects electrical devices against corrosion damage.

Kitchen and household devices are exposed to various corrosive stresses: humid ambient air, liquids and contact with chemicals and cleaning agents. This can harm non-visible side elements in particular and result in corrosion damage.

Achieving more together

Together with an innovative steel producer, Dörken of Herdecke has developed a new functional anti-fingerprint coating for the coil coating field, which offers hot-dip galvanised surfaces enduring protection against corrosion and the effects of aggressive media, even at extremely thin coat thicknesses of max. 1.5 µm. The DELTA-COIL® AF 200.1 CLEAR coating is used by leading manufacturers, ensuring reliable and consistent quality of the surfaces protected by the long-lasting system.

In addition, it also guarantees that the surface remains malleable and capable of being painted after coating – a prerequisite in the coil coating process, as the rolled strips of refined steel are firstly coated before being processed further.

The high-performance coating from Dörken fulfils all technical requirements specified in the standards of the equipment manufacturers: It displays resistance to chemicals and solvents, adhesiveness (in accordance with DIN EN ISO 2409) and a high level of corrosion protection (in accordance with the alternating climate testing of DIN EN ISO 6270-2).

Longevity with the thinnest of coats

The coil coating procedure is generally highly efficient: during the coating process 100% of the coating material is consumed, resulting in no surplus material. At the same time, the sealant itself has a particularly high yield, thanks to its technical properties. Specifically, this means: if a 1.5 µm coat is applied to the front, back and side panels of a standard fitted dishwasher, one kilogram of the material is enough to coat around 42 dishwashers. A coating solution that is both highly efficient and long-lasting at the same time.