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EU Meeting of Dörken MKS coating applicators






EU Meeting of Dörken MKS coating applicators


The new “green” line of electroplating attracts great interests from the participants. / Representatives of fastener makers talk on the keynote topic of ‘Ford and their suppliers’. / A visit to the car manufacturer’s plant in Cologne enables participants to ‘grasp’ the concept of automated screwed joints. / The Delta-Protekt® KL 105 zinc flake system and the Delta-Protekt® VH 301.1 GZ topcoat are the key products discussed.

On 20th and 21st October, 80 representatives of coating companies from all over Europe came to the BayArena in Leverkusen for a EU Coating Firms Meeting held by Dörken MKS-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG of Herdecke. The focus of the first day was on carmaker Ford, being a key account, and on Ford’s supplier industry. In this context referred representatives of the fastener and bolts industry, such as KAMAX-Werke Rudolf Kellermann GmbH & Co. KG and Ruia Global Fasteners AG. Later on a visit to the Ford plant in Cologne the participants were able to experience the requirements of automated screwed joints close up on the production line. Being used there were screws coated in accordance with Ford works norm S442 with Delta-Protekt® KL 100 basecoat and Delta-Protekt® VH 302 GZ topcoat. Also on the event’s agenda were presentations and workshops on the cross-country collaboration of the international network of coating firms and on Dörken MKS Systems’ strategic direction as a universal supplier in the field of micro-layer corrosion protection systems. Delegates were particularly interested in this respect in the status of development in the area of ‘green’ electroplating. It was noted that with the takeover of LP-Oberflächentechnik GmbH from Schalksmühle at the end of September 2010, Dörken MKS Systems’ range of expertise in this area had been expanded.

In future the company will thus be offering solutions for the complete process, ranging from pre-treatment to zinc-plating and passivation procedures and extending all the way to sealing options. To this end the ecologically focussed electroplating systems of the LPO range are being further developed with an emphasis on high-quality, functional protection against corrosion. Just recently opened, an electroplating technology centre in Schalksmühle will take on a key role in this work. In terms of products, attention was focussed above all on the Delta-Protekt® KL 105 zinc flake system and the Delta-Protekt® VH 301.1 GZ topcoat. Due to its great efficiency and cost-effectiveness, Delta-Protekt® KL 105 has become very popular, especially in France. Through product optimisation a zinc flake basecoat has been given here the additional quality of maintaining the set coefficient of friction as specified by the automotive industry. Previously this was only possible by using costly multi-coat systems. Delta-Protekt® VH 301.1 GZ is an enhancement of the silica-based seal with inte¬grated lubricant. In particularly difficult applications it prevents stick/slip effects when fitting chromium(VI)-free surfaces against KTL-coated parts. The new topcoat also enables bolts to be screwed against aluminium without any problem and thus fulfils, for example, the specifications of VW’s new norm 1131-1/2. Also impressive were the examples of air-drying, aqueous Delta-Protekt® KH 250 applied to components with large surface areas.