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Innovation DELTA-HEAT®




Herdecke, Germany


Innovation DELTA-HEAT®


New video about the DELTA-HEAT® coating awarded with the Klima Expo NRW

A new coating system was developed by Dörken MKS in co-operation with VDEh-Betriebsforschungsinstitut GmbH und Walzwerken Einsal GmbH. The coating was created specifically for high temperature corrosion protection in steel processing. The coating can be used at temperatures up to 1,250 ° C and residence times of up to 120 minutes and optimally protects components against scaling. DELTA-HEAT® had already won the NRW Efficiency Prize in 2015 and only one year later, the corrosion experts from Dörken MKS could celebrate what is now the second award for their development.

What exactly scaling means and how the innovative surface coating works is explained by Dr. Marcel Roth, Head of Research and Development, and Sandra Böhm, Project Manager Basecoats, in the video (until available in german):

Learn here more about the optimal scaling protection.