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Metallveredelungswerk Sulz am Neckar, the new licensing partner




Sulz am Neckar


Metallveredelungswerk Sulz am Neckar, the new licensing partner


The innovative surface coating specialist Metallveredelungswerk Sulz am Neckar is set to expand its portfolio with the addition of KTL DELTA-eLACK® from Dörken MKS. For 20 years now Sulz has offered galvanic surface coatings, advancing to become an expert in the field of cathodic surface protection. The KTL drum unit entered into operation in 2016. The zinc, zinc alloy and zinc flake surfaces are superbly complemented by the new DELTA-eLACK®. The licence was ceremoniously handed over in Sulz on 23/01/2017. "With the new licence we offer KTL coating for bulk products, with or without cathodic corrosion protection, thus enabling us to offer our customers a very wide range of surface treatments," says Mr Haible, Managing Director of Metallveredelungswerk Sulz. Sulz co-operates with well-known companies from various sectors. Alongside companies in the automotive field such as BMW and Mercedes Benz there are also firms like Grohe and Bosch. Our new surface offers a high-performance cathodic corrosion protection and also makes the system potentially interesting for numerous new areas of application beyond the automobile industry. In both the salt spray test (SST) as per DIN EN ISO 9227 and the climatic extremes test (as per PV 1210) the new system has already displayed corrosion resistance of up to 2,000 hours. The coating process is undertaken at the Metallveredelung Sulz plant, using fully-automated drum units. Managing Director Hans-Jörg Haible: "Until now it was often only possible to painstakingly coat stamped and bent components on a rack, with the new Delta-eLack® from Dörken MKS we can now coat bulk products in the drum – from small screws to more complex components. We are delighted that this innovation from Dörken means we can offer this completely new technology in addition to classic KTL coatings."