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New seminar planner out for 2020






New seminar planner out for 2020


“Learning with our experts": this is the strapline Dörken MKS has used to publish the new seminar planner for the seminars and training run by “THE CORROSION COLLEGE" for 2020.

The new programme is aimed at plant operators, designers, laboratory assistants and other interested parties with a comprehensive range of practical training courses on all aspects of corrosion and effective corrosion protection.  The seminar planner has been published every six months so far, and Dörken MKS is now offering an overview for the whole year for the first time - thereby facilitating long-term training planning.

Mix of knowledge transfer, dialogue and discussion

In addition to practice-oriented knowledge transfer, the focus at all events will once again be on the exchange of experience and professional discussion. Christian Rabe, Head of Technology Management, explains: "Every day we work with our customers and colleagues on the best solutions. We are happy to pass on the knowledge we have accumulated over the years". Each participant brings with him a special perspective from the value chain. This helps new impulses and understandings to develop in exchange with the experts.

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Up-to-date knowledge for every corrosion protection requirement

The subject area of the workshops and seminars offered by CORROSION COLLEGE in 2020 is divided into several focal points. In the "Fundamentals" section, Dörken MKS experts provide basic information on high-performance corrosion protection through galvanising, on the function and performance of corrosion protection systems and on the factors influencing corrosion. The "application process" module contains, among other things, an insight into the possibilities of pre-treatment for zinc flake coatings and the choice of application. In the seminars on the subject of "quality tests", everything revolves around quality tests accompanying the application process, corrosion tests in artificial atmospheres and screw connections. Last but not least, the new seminar programme again offers training on current topics such as the system combination of various surface protection systems, the use of zinc flake systems for bulk solids and surface technology in lightweight construction.

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