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Out now: Dörken MKS spray can on Amazon Business!






Out now: Dörken MKS spray can on Amazon Business!


The handy zinc flake spray can from Dörken MKS is now available for business customers to purchase from Amazon Business.

The spray can DELTA-PROTEKT® REPAIR is used for the quick and easy coating of bare metals and can be used especially for repairing defects after the coating and handling process. Once applied, the thin coating provides cathodic corrosion protection. What is special about the surface protection? It dries within 20 minutes at room temperature.

All business customers can look forward to purchasing the rust protection from the can at Amazon Business.

And here’s the direct link to the product page of DELTA-PROTEKT® REPAIR.

Please note: Only registered Amazon Business customers can see the availability of the spray cans.