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Pin-sharp coating without masking






Pin-sharp coating without masking


Equipment manufacturer WALTHER Spritz- und Lackiersysteme GmbH has joined forces with material manufacturer Dörken to develop an optimised process that enables parts to be coated with the greatest of accuracy and without masking.

In order to partially coat components with the help of spray application, expensive and time-consuming masking is often used. For this reason, equipment manufacturer WALTHER and material manufacturer Dörken have jointly developed an application-specific, automatic spray gun which, in combination with a robot, produces reproducible results and applies highly focused zinc flake systems with barely any atomised spray.

New painting process

The zinc flake material that is to be applied is transported from a compressed air-filled pressure container to an atomising spray gun and is atomised to the finest particles at approx. 1 bar air pressure and then applied to the part. The unique aspect of the procedure: the material emission has a pulse control, so that only very small quantities are applied, whilst still allowing the droplets to flow together to form a very even film. In addition, a specially developed applicator ensures that the zinc flake pigments do not block the automatic spray gun, whilst at the same time being applied evenly and accurately to the various object geometries at a coat thickness of just 10 µm.

The optimised spray procedure enables parts to be coated highly accurately with zinc flake systems and without the need for masking.

Reaching objectives together

The newly developed, optimized process is already being used successfully by the first customers, it is especially well-suited for parts that can only be coated in specific areas. Alongside parts with large surface areas, these include rotationally symmetrical parts such as wheel bearings, brake discs or threaded parts. As an effective coating process calls for a suitable supply of paint and its guidance in addition to the spray gun, a complete package was developed. This enables users - together with the basic settings developed - to enjoy simple use in their own coating facilities.

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