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Prize-winning zinc flake






Prize-winning zinc flake


Great news for Dörken MKS: at the German Innovation Award 2020 the new room temperature-curing zinc flake coating (RT) from the CORROSION EXPERTS of Herdecke has been announced winner in the “Excellence in Business to Business – Materials & Surfaces” category. Real cause for celebration in these particular times.

Acclaimed prize for pioneering innovations

The German Innovation Award is presented once a year by the German Design Council – the German competence centre for design, brands and innovation – and is one of the most acclaimed prizes in its field. A jury of experts awards prizes for cross-sector, innovative products and pioneering solutions with particular added value for the user, with two competition categories: “Excellence in Business to Consumer” and “Excellence in Business to Business”.

New opportunities for corrosion protection with zinc flake systems

Dörken MKS was able to enthuse the expert jury with its new room temperature-curing zinc flake coating DELTA-PROTEKT® KL 170 RT. This new innovations means that it is now also possible to give long-lasting corrosion protection to parts that were previously deemed too large, too bulky or too temperature sensitive. The innovative coating achieves at least 720 h without base metal corrosion in salt spray testing (in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9227). The new product is applied via spraying – curing occurs at room temperatures of 20–25°C in approximately 20–60 minutes, depending on the thickness of the coat applied. This means there is no need for a drying furnace. In addition, depending on application a matching top coat can also be applied, further increasing the level of corrosion protection and improving other characteristics such as chemical resistance, appearance and feel. Conclusion: surface protection that opens up whole new coating opportunities.

“Innovation is what drives us”

DörkenMKS Head of Research & Development Dr. Marcel Roth notes: “We are really delighted with this award, because innovation and the continuous improvement of our products for the benefit of our customers is the key driving force behind our company. Our whole team gives their all every day to achieve this.”

The room temperature curing zinc flake coating DELTA-PROTEKT® KL 170 RT was named a winner of the German Innovation Award 2020.


DELTA-PROTEKT® KL 170 RT opens up new opportunities for corrosion protection.