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Resource-saving and smart




Herdecke/Spaichingen, Germany


Resource-saving and smart


Significant energy savings and reduced COemissions – with its lightweight nuts for the car industry, Hewi G. Winker GmbH & Co. KG is regarded as a pioneer in this area. The fasteners are well protected with a corrosion system from Dörken MKS.

Since 1955 Hewi G. Winker GmbH & Co. KG of Spaichingen in Baden-Württemberg has been focused on the large-scale series production of innovative securing and fastening elements as well as cold extruded parts. In 2015 Hewi launched an absolute showcase project on the market: structurally and material-optimised lightweight steel nuts. The nuts, as a mechanical connecting element also in applications beyond cars, prove once again that a comparatively slight material reduction can have a major effect.

The lightweight nuts from Hewi Winker allow up to 30 percent savings in steel – a revolution in the field of fasteners and lightweight construction.

Fastening made easy

The lightweight nuts from Hewi use up to 30 percent less steel than standard nuts with the same structural-mechanical properties, as they are designed on the basis of modern numerical methods. Specifically, this means that up to 11g can be saved with an M14x1.5 nut with a weight of 36.7g. This does not appear much at first glance, but is relativized when one considers the average daily production – at Hewi alone – of some 7.3 million nuts. In addition to reducing the amount of material, these nuts also require no thermal treatment to set specific characteristics. The resultant shortening of the manufacturing chain leads to an additional reduction in costs of up to ten percent.

With the lightweight nuts Hewi is following a holistic approach that draws the maximum possible “slimming potential” from the design, the material and the manufacturing process. This also includes an effective corrosion coating, supplied by Dörken MKS.

Thin layer with a major effect


The high-performance zinc flake systems from Dörken MKS feature a coat thickness of just 8–20µm and offer high corrosion protection for the lightweight nuts. A zinc content basecoat ensures optimal corrosion protection, whilst an additional topcoat delivers properties such as good threadability and the observance of defined coefficients of friction. In addition, the fully chromium(VI)-free corrosion protection supports the ecological and economic goals of Hewi thanks to the reduced use of resources.

Zinc flake systems feature a total coat thickness of max. 20 µm and offer a high standard of corrosion protection for the lightweight nuts.

The project was awarded third place in the German Steel Innovation Prize competition as well as receiving the Environmental Technology Prize of the state of Baden-Württemberg.