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Soft Handling seminar series: Dörken offers knowledge transfer and dialogue






Soft Handling seminar series: Dörken offers knowledge transfer and dialogue


To what extent does the handling of parts throughout the value chain influence corrosion protection? Who processes parts, when and how? And who checks the quality after the subsequent processes? These questions are addressed and answered in a five-part seminar series by Dörken on the subject of “soft handling” (held in English). The origin of this webinar series is the discovery by Daimler that bolts showed completely different corrosion processes at various positions on the car, despite originating in the same production and coating batches. Primarily external experts as well as Dörken speakers talk about how to understand and explain the different handling stages in the value chain: for example, Dr. Pellkofer – head of Corrosion Protection and Surface Technology at Daimler Truck AG – begins by offering exclusive insights into the Daimler history of the quality offensive and the Daimler DBL 9440 supplier specifications. Also represented are Mr Bingeser (Richard Bergner Holding GmbH & Co. KG), Mr Mondin (Primat S.p.A), Mr Mauri (A. Agrati S.p.A.) and Mr Yazgan (R+FK Schulte KG). Be there too - taking part is well worthwhile!

The seminars are taking place on:

14.09.2021 part 1His­tory of Daim­ler’s Qual­ity of­fen­sives & spe­cial fo­cus on soft han­dling is­sues in DBL 9440

21.09.2021 part 2: New ver­sion of the guide­line of the Deutscher Schrauben­ver­band & ac­cor­dance with ISO 10683 for zinc flake coat­ings

28.09.2021 part 3: bolt pro­duc­tion & coat­ing process

05.10.2021 part 4: sort­ing, re-rolling of threads and patch­ing

12.10.2021 part 5pack­ing, trans­port and as­sem­bly

The seminar series is part of the Dörken Academy which, under the Dörken flag, passes on the bundled expertise and experience regarding the protection and coating of surfaces in seminars and training measures. The goal of the events at all times is: target group-specific, project-oriented and compact. In keeping with the motto of the Herdecke-based company, “Discover Expertise”, the focus lies on the one hand on transfer of knowledge - including with practical content - and dialogue on the other. Dörken offers a platform on which people from different sectors and different positions along the value chain can interact with one another. Subjects range from corrosion protection to structural coatings and on to pigment pastes and colour systems.

The Soft Handling seminar series is held in English and online. Further information and registration options can be found here. Here you can also find further German and English language seminars and training offers. Discover Expertise!