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Sunny times for zinc flake






Sunny times for zinc flake


High-tensile steel roof hooks

As one of the leading manufacturers, for many years now the Kirchdorf-based Schletter Group ( has developed premium assembly and mounting systems - including for solar energy units. The company has now launched a new generation of roof hooks made from high-tensile S700MC steel, specifically for installation on tiled roofs with timber substructures. These have already received European Technical Approval (ETA).

Compared to preceding models or standard stainless steel roof hooks, these ensure a significantly higher load-bearing capacity, mechanical rigidity, stability and structural integrity - which also allows the number of securing points per kilowatt of output to be reduced.

Zinc flake system assures corrosion protection

A specifications-meeting zinc flake system from Dörken MKS ensures long-lasting corrosion resistance for the new roof hooks. Whilst the base coat assures reliable cathodic corrosion protection, the specially-tailored top coat delivers superb weathering resistance. This enables the high quality requirements of the Schletter Group to be fulfilled – and customers of the company can appreciate a particularly long-lasting mounting system.

 You can download the text and image files of this press release here​​.

The zinc flake coating makes the new roof hooks especially resistant to corrosive influences, thus extending their lifetime.