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Tech-Day in Paris






Tech-Day in Paris


On 11 and 12 May Dörken MKS-Systeme staged a Tech-Day in Paris for the French market.

Around 30 guests took part in the meeting, drawn from all along the value-added chain, including representatives of the French motor industry, parts manufacturers and licensees of Delta MKS-Systeme. Central themes of the event were the fastening of connecting elements, the requirements of the surface coating systems employed in this and the ISO standards for zinc flake systems. Dr. Martin Welp, Managing Director of Dörken MKS-Systeme, clarified the quality optimisation measures taken by the Quality Development department to the audience of OEMs, parts manufacturers and coaters. The task of the department is to monitor, control and optimise the entire process after the paint has been manufactured, from the coating procedure to delivery of the parts to the OEM. The new department is thereby taking on an interface function in the triangle between parts manufacturer, coater and end user. The participants displayed particular interest in the DELTA-PROTEKT® KL 105 zinc flake system, which has met with a high degree of acceptance in France, as a result of its high degree of efficiency and economy in particular. Product optimisation here has resulted in a zinc flake base coat receiving the additional characteristic of meeting the friction factor specified by the automobile industry. This was previously only possible with expensive multi-coat systems. In 2006 the material was awarded the German Material Efficiency Prize of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. Beyond the meeting schedule there was also sufficient time to discuss experiences with the requirements of corrosion protection systems, which are increasing continuously - also in the French market - and for "networking".