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The coating of screws – More than corrosion protection






The coating of screws – More than corrosion protection


From 17 to 19 March 2016, the MECSPE trade show took place in Parma. It is an international trade fair for the specialised mechanics sector that offers a comprehensive overview of all areas of the manufacturing industry.

To tie in with the trade fair, UDIB, the Italian bolt distributors association, invited 50 representatives of the entire value creation chain to an information event featuring many high-calibre industry speakers. Dr. Gerhard Reusmann, Managing Director of Dörken MKS Systems, Robin Miloc of Dörken Italia, Michael Stähler, Director of Quality Management at Dörken MKS Systems and Marketing Executive Philipp Gorba were among those invited to speak at the conference by UDIB President, Gian Marco Dalpane. Robin Miloc opened up with a presentation of Dörken MKS Systems and a detailed talk on the subject of Dörken MKS's zinc flake systems. Dr. Gerhard Reusmann spoke about current market trend in Europe and presented Dörken MKS's different technologies. Philipp Gorba explained the Dörken MKS project management system, using as an example the communications processes between the subsidiary in Italy and the parent company in Herdecke. Of particular interest to the industry audience were the two technically very challenging talks given by Michael Stähler on the ISO 10683 standard and the subject of 'The relationship between torque and tensile force'. The last talk above all contributed greatly to fulfilling the UDIB president's special intention: that the particular complexity of the screw and its coating be conveyed to the association's members. The tenor being that there is much more to a screw than just its basic material.