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Well-cooled transformers






Well-cooled transformers


Transformers have been used in the global energy sector for many decades. They transform, increase or reduce voltages, currents and resistance in an alternating current circuit – thus enabling the "smooth" flow of energy. So-called heat sinks are fitted to transformers to safely remove the heat lost in the transformation process, thus preventing overheating. For some time now, the internationally-active Korean transformer manufacturer Hyosung Electric and a well-known Japanese producer have used a high-performance coating system from Dörken MKS to provide surface protection for these key components.

An effective protective coating against rust
The heat sinks used in the transformers work according to the principle of oil cooling. This means that the removal of the heat that cannot be converted is undertaken using oil as heat carrier. Due to the high stresses and temperature fluctuations within the heat sink, oil-cooled systems are particularly at risk of corrosion forming in the welding seams – in other words at the edges of components and in areas where the steel casing needs to be trimmed. In the event of rusting or complete perforation the heat sink is no longer able to fulfil its function. As a consequence the device overheats and a dangerous transformer fire may result.

Long lifetime and lower costs.
To prevent this and increase the lifetime of the components the heat sinks fitted to the transformers of the two manufacturers are equipped with a high-performance surface coating from Dörken MKS. This reliably counteracts rust formation and ensures effective corrosion protection for many years – delivering numerous benefits for the manufacturer. Onnen von Bredow, Vice President Asia Pacific at Dörken explains: "In Korea transformers are typically leased by the energy producers for a period of 10-25 years. During this time the transformer manufacturer undertakes maintenance work and usually also the replacement of defective components, which is very expensive where the heat sink is concerned. Our surface coating enables a long-term reduction in the costs of repair and maintenance."