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Are you looking for current information about Dörken MKS? Whether it is press reports on current themes, official company notifications or the latest corrosion protection technology: the latest news can be found in our press section.

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   date =>protectedDateTimeprototypeobject (2018-08-16T02:00:00+02:00, 1534377600)content =>protected'<p><strong>Hydrogen-induced stress corrosion cracking can cause sudden syste
      m failures in the functional components of trucks and trailers.</strong></p>
       <p>It is a phenomenon that seems to occur "out of the blue": hydrogen-indu
      ced stress corrosion cracking. It leads to sudden failure, especially in hig
      h-tensile components. Structural components, but also connecting elements ca
      n break at any time. For trucks and trailers, such sudden failures mean down
      time, delayed deliveries and increased costs.</p> <p><strong>An interplay o
      f different causes </strong></p> <p>The risk of hydrogen embrittlement only
       affects high-tensile steel variants with a strength of &gt; 1,000 N/mm² an
      d it is caused by hydrogen atoms that diffuse into the steel. This is due, f
      or example, to structural defects, inclusions, impurities or mechanical tens
      ions in steel production. Further variables add to this after processing ste
      ps such as forming, hardening or heat treatment during the production of ste
      el components. The third influencing factor is the coating of the component.
       During pickling or cleaning processes and the galvanic coating of ferritic
      steel parts, atomic hydrogen can form in the process bath and can diffuse in
      to the steel surface. Usually it is the critical interaction of different in
      fluencing variables that ultimately leads to the failure of a component with
      out any apparent pre-existing damage.</p> <p><strong>A creeping process</st
      rong></p> <p>The atomic hydrogen migrates in the steel to the grain boundar
      ies and to flaws – such as outer and inner notches, punched edges or burrs
      . It accumulates there and weakens the metal bond until a microscopically fi
      ne crack develops. This releases tension in that zone, however, new stress c
      oncentrations arise at the tip of the crack, which in turn attract atomic hy
      drogen and then weaken and crack. Ultimately, the remaining cross section ca
      n no longer bear the external tensile load and a delayed brittle fracture ca
      n occur. DIN 50969-1 des...
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