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Are you looking for current information about Dörken MKS? Whether it is press reports on current themes, official company notifications or the latest corrosion protection technology: the latest news can be found in our press section.

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Conception\CcTecharticle\Domain\Model\Articleprototypemodified entity (uid=41, pid=565)title =>protected'High-Quality Corrosion Protection for Lightweight Components' (60 chars)
   date =>protectedDateTimeprototypeobject (2019-08-01T02:00:00+02:00, 1564617600)content =>protected'<p><strong>Zinc flake coatings provide long-term corrosion protection for ve
      hicle parts and help to reduce the overall weight of the vehicle. At the Aut
      omotive Center Südwestfalen investigations have been made into the potentia
      l for reducing the thickness of sheet metal and component walls.&nbsp;</stro
      ng></p> <p>Because of the risk of corrosion, the sheet metal used in vehicl
      es is often thicker and mechanically stronger than is absolutely necessary.
      A study carried out on behalf of Dörken MKS by the Automotive Center Südwe
      stfalen (ACS) investigated the extent to which sheet metal can be made thinn
      er if high-performance corrosion protection coatings are applied with the ai
      m of reducing the quantity of material used and the weight of the components
      .&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Simulated tests to reduce sheet metal thickness</str
      ong></p> <p>The first stage of the study involved evaluating a simplified m
      odel of a steering arm, consisting of a steel U-section, to identify how far
       the wall thickness of the component could be reduced without affecting the
      functionality of the real component or failing to meet the manufacturer's re
      quirements. Then the finite element method was used to determine the bucklin
      g load of a U­section made from steel with the conventional thickness of 2.
      6 millimetres.&nbsp;</p> <p><img data-htmlarea-file-table="sys_file" data-h
      tmlarea-file-uid="3381" data-htmlarea-zoom="true" height="239" src="fileadmi
      n/_processed_/4/c/csm_Fachartikel_IST_ACS_2019_EN_Bild1_ad75296635.jpg" widt
      h="300" style="" alt="" /><br /> <em>The simplified steering arm created for
       the purposes of the study: a U-section with a thickness of 2.6 mm (length 3
      00 mm).; Source:&nbsp;acs - Automotive Center Südwestfalen GmbH</em></p> <
      p>Then the finite element method was used to determine the buckling load of
      a U­section made from steel with the conventional thickness of 2.6 millimet
      res.&nbsp;</p> <p><img data-htmlarea-file-table="sys_file" data-htmlarea-fi
      le-uid="3380" data-htmla...
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