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Are you looking for current information about Dörken MKS? Whether it is press reports on current themes, official company notifications or the latest corrosion protection technology: the latest news can be found in our press section.

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Conception\CcTecharticle\Domain\Model\Articleprototypemodified entity (uid=16, pid=565)title =>protected'Material savings thanks to correct corrosion protection' (55 chars)
   date =>protectedDateTimeprototypeobject (2019-08-14T02:00:00+02:00, 1565740800)content =>protected'<p><strong>The subject of lightweight construction has occupied a wide range
       of industries in recent years. This includes the automotive industry. In or
      der to make cars lighter, more efficient and more environmentally friendly,
      new materials, forms or solutions are constantly being sought. Zinc flake sy
      stems provide long-term corrosion protection for automotive parts and help t
      o reduce the overall weight of a vehicle.</strong></p> <p>Suspension parts
      in cars like&nbsp;chassis control armsare usually oversized. Meaning they ar
      e produced from the outset with a risk premium that already includes damage
      caused by potential corrosion. The daily work and development of long-lastin
      g corrosion protection technologies drove Dörken MKS to the question of how
       high the theoretical weight reduction of components can be through wall thi
      ckness reduction. The ACS (Automotive Center Südwestfalen) was therefore co
      mmissioned to investigate this on a simplified example of a chassis control
      arm.</p> <p><strong>Simulation tests for sheet thickness reduction</strong>
      </p> <p>The results of the study of ACS are impressive: Theoretically, up t
      o 30% of the mass can be reduced. How was this figure determined? Using vari
      ous experiements such as the Leonard Euler buckling test.</p> <p><img data-
      htmlarea-file-table="sys_file" data-htmlarea-file-uid="3241" data-htmlarea-z
      oom="true" height="239" src="fileadmin/_processed_/9/a/csm_Spotlight_Automot
      ive_ACS-Studie_Abb.1_EN_16bcc4df13.jpg" width="300" style="" alt="" /><br />
       <em>The simplified control arm created for the purposes of the study: a U-s
      ection with a thickness of 2.6 mm (length 300 mm).</em></p> <p>In the first
       step, the finite element method was used to determine how the simplified mo
      del (in the form of a steel U-profile) behaves with the current sheet thickn
      ess of 2.6 mm under buckling load. This means that the U-profile is compress
      ed in its longitudinal direction in the simulative model construction until
      it buckles. The U-profil...
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