Multi-metallic compounds & corrosion protection

For technical and commercial reasons, the wide range of materials is increasing along with their combination in component groups. Modern, optimised materials are steel, non-rusting stainless steel, aluminium, magnesium or carbon-fibre composites. Their interaction with each other in their fields of use have a high degree of relevance for the choice of corrosion protection measures. This seminar aims to elucidate the corrosion behaviour of coated metallic components. Here the mechanisms to be noted are explained and participants are enabled to achieve the meaningful selection of corrosion protection systems. The themes are illustrated using examples from the automobile industry as well as with excursions to the commercial vehicle sector (ACE) or the construction industry.


  • What is corrosion and how can it be avoided?
  • What “rules” of corrosion processes exist in interaction with various (coated) materials?
  • Comprehension of theoretical basis by means of practical examples
  • Enabling the correct system selection procedure or materials combination
  • Workshop – we solve your corrosion problems