Corrosion testing in artificial atmospheres – beginners

Corrosion inspections are a key element of currently-standard quality inspections for surfaces. The goal of this seminar is the compact initiation to the theme of neutral salt spray testing and the most common alternating climate tests. In addition, it provides a brief insight into the field of different coat thickness measurement processes and mechanical testing.


  • Types of corrosion, mechanisms of corrosion and corrosion protection
  • Basic knowledge of DIN EN ISO 9227 – NSS
  • Brief comparison of the most common alternating tests
  • Assessment of corrosion tests
  • Brief overview of coat thickness determination forms (grinding, magnetic inductive and X-ray)
  • Pre-existing damage (heat, stone impact and defined cracks)
  • Adhesion testing (tape test, cross-cut and mandrel test)
    (including a considerable practical element)