Zinc flake technology – theory with sample application

Zinc flake systems offer maximum corrosion protection for numerous areas or application, as well as preserving the function of the coated components. By combining high-performance capacity with minimal coating thickness, they offer many advantages. The quality of the protective coating depends on the coating process as a whole, as well as on the application process.

The aim of the seminar is to impart basic knowledge about zinc flake systems including sample applications.

Please note: This seminar can also be combined with the seminars “Bolts, relevant items for coatings and friction measurement” and “Corrosion testing in artificial atmospheres”. Feel free to contact us and we will organize your personal three-day seminar for you.


  • Typically procedures for establishing corrosion protection via surface treatment
  • Pre-treatment products and processes
  • Zinc flake systems and their properties
  • Differentiation of coating materials and topcoats applied
  • Overview and determination of a coating process tailored to the components