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Network event Softhandling

The quality requirements on the subject of handling and the reduction of corrosion problems or damage during handling for the participants in the supply chain can only be considered and mastered together.

On both days the complete process of the value chain will be neutrally illuminated. In addition to the Daimler quality offensives and the Daimler delivery specification DBL 9440, we will discuss which specifications other OEMs require and what independent associations such as the Deutsche Schraubenverband (German Screw Association) recommend. Another focus of the event will be a neutral look at the various handling steps and best-practice findings of selected participating companies.


The aim of the event is the exchange of different experiences of all participants of the supply chain.

Target group


Dörken MKS


Hotel room: 119€ p.P.
max. 50
Radisson Blu Dortmund
2 days